The British Empire in WW1

The British Empire in the First World War

In 1914 the British Government knew it’s armed forces were too small to take on the might of the Central Powers. The British Empire was called to arms and volunteers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Newfoundland and the Union of South Africa flocked to the aid of the mother country, joined by soldiers from other African colonies and the Indian Army with it’s Gurkhas from Nepal.

The sacrifices made by the Empire on the battlefields of Europe echo across the intervening years as part of a proud Commonwealth shared history. At Gallipoli, Neuve Chapelle, Vimy Ridge, the Somme and Ypres the graves of the fallen are powerful reminders of our debt to the Empire.

1917 – Canadian soldiers taking Vimy Ridge – The battle that made Canada realise it’s national identity

Gurkha soldiers training near Neuve Chapelle

A wounded member of the Newfoundland Regt is helped to safety near Beaumont Hamel

Members of the Australian 53rd Regt near Fromelles 19 July 1916. Only three of the soldiers shown in this photograph survived the attack.

Indian cavalry charge at Neuve Chapelle 1915

Delville Wood in 1916 – Now the South African National Monument on the Western Front.

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