The Second World War


In 1939 Germany had made up for the losses of WW1 in both men and materiel. Old alliances were re-forged by Adolf Hitler and the old ambition of German domination of Europe emerged again. Hitler’s attack in the West had the same military and political aims as that of the Kaiser, a generation before. Once again German forces swept towards Paris in what was almost a re-run of the Schlieffen plan of 1914, but this time spearheaded by mechanised armoured columns.

French and British forces were overwhelmed and Axis forces swept forward to the Mediterranean and North Africa before Hitler, to the horror of his generals, turned Eastwards towards Russia

On June 6th 1944 the Allies returned to France.

Ask us about battlefield tours of:

Dieppe The disasterous raid in 1942 involving Canadian troops along with British Commandos and some American Rangers. Walk the ground with us and see what the landing troops faced.

The D-Day Beaches and Battle of Normandy Where on 6th June the Allies stormed Fortress Europe. A swift one day tour of the highlights or a four day examination of the battle of Normandy where Hitler’s intransigence and Allied determination broke the back of German forces in the West. Follow the Allied breakout to the Falaise pocket where the German army in France was effectively destroyed.

The Follow Up From Normandy to Arnhem. Drive across France, Belgium and Holland in the footsteps of Allied forces driving towards the German border. On the way visiting the Atlantic Wall and the V2 and V3 rocket facilities from which Hitler intended to bombard Britain and America.

The Battle of The Bulge The German’s last great effort West of the Rhine, Where the Americans at Bastogne held Hitler’s last great gamble.

Operation Market Garden, the flawed British attempt to end the war in 1944 with the largest airborne operation ever mounted. Travel the route that 30 Corps travelled to get within a mile of the surrounded British and Polish Airborne troops cut off around the Arnhem bridge head.

Battlefields in other parts of the world

If you are interested in visiting other theatres of War from N Africa to Burma do ask us. If we cannot take you we probably know someone who can.

German prisoners under guard by Canadian soldiers on Juno beach – D Day (We take you to the bunker in the background)

Part of the Atlantic wall – a gun emplacement above the invasion beaches at Longues sur Mer – Destroyed by naval gunfire and bombing in the early hours of D Day

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